How does Smobilpay for ecommerce work?

● The merchant creates his website and integrates Smobilpay for ecommerce to process customer payments.

● A customer makes a payment using one of the methods supported by Smobilpay for ecommerce.

● The payment amount is kept in an account of a partner bank.

● Notifications are sent to the merchant and the Customer, with a summary of the transaction and payment status.

● The merchant can view all transactions and payment status by logging into his account.

● The merchant sends a withdrawal request to Smobilpay for ecommerce.

● Maviance issues a bank transfer request to the bank and the money is deposited in the merchant’s bank account.

What is Smobilpay for ecommerce ?

Smobilpay for ecommerce is an online payment service provider that offers an integrated payment solution through its API which consents individuals and businesses to receive payments over the internet.

Who can use Smobilpay for ecommerce ?

Those eligible to use Smobilpay for ecommerce are ; individuals and businesses with an operational e-commerce website and/or application and owns legal documents declaring their structure.

How do I request your service ?

You write to us by filling out the contact form on our Smobilpay for ecommerce website

What countries do you serve?

Actually, Smobilpay for ecommerce only offers services for payment solutions found in Cameroon.

Smobilpay for ecommerce is based on which API type?

Smobilpay for ecommerce is based on REST API.

What are the different payment options offered by Smobilpay for ecommerce ?


Does Smobilpay for ecommerce offer card payment?

As of now, Smobilpay for ecommerce does not yet offer card payment.

Do we need to be a registered structure to use Smobilpay for ecommerce ?

Before signing a contract with you, we need to have administrative documents that prove your activity is legalised.

If there is a problem, will there be a technical support team I can speak to?

Yes, please, there is a technical support available for you 24/7

Can Smobilpay for ecommerce integrate payment solutions from other countries besides Cameroon?

Yes, please, it can. For now, the payment solutions are local we do not have a cross boarder payment solution.

How much does it cost to integrate Smobilpay for ecommerce ?

The integration fees amount to 50 000FCFA.

Do you deduct percentages on transactions, if yes, how many percent is being deducted on each transaction?

Smobilpay for ecommerce deducts percentages on each transaction performed. The percentage charge is equal to 3% on every transaction done on Smobilpay for ecommerce.

How long does it take for Smobilpay for ecommerce to pay out the merchant’s request?

It can be Weekly or Monthly, this depends on the agreement signed with the merchant.

What are the documents required to have the Smobilpay for ecommerce API?

• Tax payer’s card

• Trade register

• Photocopy of CNI of the head of the structure

• Localization plan of your structure

How does the merchant receive payment?

Smobilpay for ecommerce pays out the merchant through a bank transfer or merchant’s preferred Mobile Money account

Do you offer refunds?

We do not refund integration fee.

What happens if I have to stop using Smobilpay for ecommerce ?

We would simply disactivate your account.


What happens if I have to stop using Smobilpay for ecommerce ?

We would simply disactivate your account.


Is your company licensed and registered?

Yes, Please, our company is licensed and register.

Do I need to give you access to my site if needed?

No, please, you will send us a link of your website or Application and the logo of your business for us to reference it on our website, so that visitors can learn more about your product(s) or service(s).

Can I leave a feedback on the service you provide?

Yes, please, we do encourage feedbacks and reviews